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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby birdie takes flight

This morning we went to mom's to help her with the computer.  And her tv. 
And I spent time with Aunt Millie (who now just lives across the street - so convenient!)
Then we went and had lunch with Dad at the hospital.
Time well spent with my sweet, precious family.

I spent about 2 1/2 hours this afternoon looking in on this family!
Some may think it was time wasted.
But Jesus Himself loves birds and cares for them.

 Last week, the nest in our redbud tree had 3 little babies.  But this morning, there was only 1!
 Mommy (or Daddy) was chirping at it.
"Come on, little one.  You can do it!  Come down here!"
"But Mommy, the nest is so comfortable!  I don't have to be squeezed in here anymore and I just like it so much."

"I'm hungry, Mommy.  Feed me please!"
"You'll just have to come down here.  I will give you a juicy bug.... That's right.  Step right onto the edge of the nest!"
"Mommy!  I'm out of my nest!  I did it!  I did it!"
"Ok.  Now flap your wings and come to me!"
"That is too scary.  I think I will go back to my cozy nest."
"Oh, little one.  I guess I will just have to bring the juicy bug to you."
"I have the bug, but you will have to try to jump out of this nest for it!"
"That's right!  Just hop right out of the nest."
"Here's your reward!  A nice juicy bug!"
"Now, you must learn to fly."
"Don't push me, Mommy!  I don't want to leave this tree!"
Mommy tried to push her baby bird.  She pecked at him from the side and from behind, but the little baby dug his claws into the tree.

"NO, no, no, Mommy!!"
"Good grief, little one.  You will have to go some time!  Ok.  I'll come back later."

"Maybe I can do it.  My brother and sister did it so maybe I can too."
"Yikes!  This is so scary!"
"Maybe if I go this way."

"No, I like the other way better"
"Mommy!!!  I flew!!  I flew!!"
"I knew you could do it!!"

"Let me try it again!!"

"Where shall we go, Mommy?"
"Let's go over to the brush so we can safely hide from any kitties in the neighborhood."

The End


Amanda said...

Oh I love it Debby! So so cute and amazing that you caught all that. I want to read this to the kids tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Oh I love it Debby! So so cute and amazing that you caught all that. I want to read this to the kids tomorrow!

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the story.

flower power momma said...

great story and photos. the one of the front facing 'baby' is my favorite. such expression. i do think some of our kids had that same look one time or another. thanks for sharing this adventure.

RuthieJ said...

That was a great post Debby! I would have spent a couple hours watching that myself! You got some fabulous photos!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!