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Monday, June 11, 2012

Kidron Carnival

Every year we like to go to the carnival that Kidron has.  Dad and Mom usually invite us and we go with them.  They always volunteer with the carnival, but Dad is in the hospital this year and Mom was helping with the Japan conference.
 We wanted to go anyway, so we took the kids.  Mommy was just toooooo pregnant to go, so their parents stayed home and watched a movie for their "date night".

 We enjoy the train ride and the petting zoo.

 I missed the picture of Hannah holding a chicken.  It was her goal to be able to pick one up and she got it done!

At first, Sophie was quite hesitant about being in the pen with the goat and chickens.  "I can't do this!  I can't do this!"  We told her she could come out, but she decided to brave it!

 Fishing for prizes!

They were quite reluctant to take the time to eat the BBQ meal, but Nana and Papa were hungry! 

                                                                                  We met friends at the carnival!


Plinko rocks!

 And tattos are awesome!
Fun times but we sure missed the folks!  Maybe next year!  And there will be 3 girlies to take!

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