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Friday, June 1, 2012

May Restaurant Pick

With Dad having a stroke this past month, we didn't know if we would get in our "Restaurants We Have Never Been To" for the month of May.  But one evening we had to run to Wichita for a quick run after some things so we were able to do it! 

It is not like the Noodles they have in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where our son and his family live.  We LOVE that place, but that one is more an Applebees style, whereas the one in Wichita is more fast foodish.

The menu was a little confusing to me, but Al figured it out for us.
The restaurant chain began in Boulder, CO.
Lotsa pasta!

The food was quite delicious though.
We ordered one serving of potstickers (gyoza-a dish I grew up with in Japan) to share.  We had never seen such flat gyoza ever, but they were ok. 

This next month, June, will be busy with not only Dad, but our 5th grandbaby's arrival and celebrating birthdays for my mother and me!  All the family will come home so we will go out with them on another adventure to a restaurant never visited before!

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I really like Noodles & Company. I've never been to the one here, but I've been to a couple in other cities (back when I traveled for DQ). Glad you guys got to try them...perhaps in the fall, when our new "normal" is normalized, we could join you somewhere :)