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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bird farm

After we finished picking peaches at the Entz orchard, Elaine took us to her neighbor's (about 3 miles from her place).  They have these cool birds -quail, pheasants and chucker, that they breed and sell.  Elaine knows I love birds and thought I would enjoy this place.  Elaine is like that - always so thoughtful of others!

When we arrived at the neighbor's place, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful hibiscus.  Wow!

We were shown the baby birds first.

 Aren't they so very small and cute??

This is the man who showed us around.  He is the hired man who comes twice a week to help out.  You could tell that he loved his job. 

When the babies are 3 weeks old, they are moved to another pen.  When we lifted the lid, they ran like crazy, back and forth.  You can just see how fast they were going by the blurry motion!
 As they age, they are moved to other pens.  We saw several variety of pheasants - red, silver and gold.

They have these clips around their beaks so they don't peck at each other.  They almost look like those plastic things that twist shut packages of bread!

 Before I saw them I heard them.  "Bob-white!"  "Bob-white!"  Did you know that bobwhites are quail?
 And here are the chuckers.  I had never heard of such a bird before.

One bird had escaped.  A net is used to capture them to return them to the pen.

I thought it was funny that they use the covering on these pens to keep them cool.  It is the same stuff the army uses. 
They keep around 6,000 birds on this place.  What started out as a hobby ended up to be this big operation!  They sell the birds to individuals, other breeders, hunters for dog training, and ranchers.  He says they always sell out - every year.  They are in the process of adding on.
 One little girl was getting pretty worn out.

 Our trunk was full of ripe peaches so we took a peach break before going back to Elaine's.


We drove Elaine back home and she said "We just had some baby kitties.  Want to see them?"  Of course we would!!  We all love kittens!

 These kittens were shy and not tame yet.  They would scurry down a hole and scamper under the deck.

Elaine has some pretty birds too!

As we were getting ready to leave, the Voths from church arrived.  Tami and her kids were in the orchard picking peaches and invited them to come also.
 Sweet Jude who is in our nursery.  I get to see him every week!

The country roads were dry and dusty (we are in a drought spell here in Kansas!) and my car was very dirty. 
Luckily I have a couple of girls who love to help wash the car!  So that is what we did when we got back to town.

What a fun morning we had!  Looking forward to eating fresh peaches, peach pie, peach cobbler....

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

That all looks very fun!! My granddaughters would love that but they are in CA - having a fun vacation.