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Sunday, September 9, 2012


When our daughter married a boy from Appleton, Wisconsin, we all became Cheeseheads.  After they married, Adam became a youth pastor in Green Bay and they lived there for 4 years.  We began to follow the Green Bay Packers even more closely. 

Tonight we had a Packer party.  We invited Adam's parents (who have moved to Kansas for a few years) also. 

Gramsie got the girls some cheer leading pom poms. 

GO Pack Go!

Even Claire cheered the Packers on!

Football oreos!


At half time, we stopped to eat some hoagies and Sandi's wonderful potatoe salad.

The tv station that the Packers were playing on went out.  Nada.  Nothing.   Adam's parents decided to drive back home to Valley Center.  They have dish tv so they knew they would be able to watch it there.  Adam began to follow it on the computer but finally the tv station reappeared and we finished watching it.

But.....   so sad.  Packers lost.

Sophie said "How did those backpackers lose?"


Utecht Family said...

Sophia also thought the Arizona Cardinals were the angry birds.

The Sieberts said...

so fun!