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Monday, April 29, 2013

Japanese meal

On Saturday evening, we invited over 24 people to our home for a Japanese pot luck meal.

 These were friends of ours with Japan connections.  Some we met for the first time.

Some used to be missionaries or grew up as MK's (missionary kids) to Japan

Others were married to Japanese

or are students

Others are missionaries on furlough - you can read about the Stoesz family by clicking on their name.

Lots of yummy Japanese food!

This couple is working in Hutch for now.  We took them to the Pretty Prairie rodeo last year.

My parents were missionaries in Japan for about 30 years.  And Aunt Belva and Uncle Verney were there for about 15 years.  She was my first dorm mother.  We stayed with them during the week as school was a 3 hour train trip away from home.

Sharon has wanted to be a missionary to Japan since she was in 6th grade

So glad we purchased this table that extends out so far!

Tanoshikatta (楽しかった 
          It was a good time!

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