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Friday, April 26, 2013

Zoo field trip

(I went on a field trip today with my granddaughter, so am taking a little break from my Israel postings.)

* * * * * *

This past Wednesday morning, we had snow.  Maybe other states have snow in April, but this is Kansas.  It should have been in the 70's!  We  broke all kinds of records here in Kansas.  Latest snowfalls, lowest temps, etc. 
On Thursday, it was 68 degrees.   A beautiful spring day, like it should be.  
The forecast today -              
  T-Showers Early48°      

The kindergarten and preschool field trip to the zoo was scheduled for the day.  Brrrr!!!!  Cold and rainy!

Lunch time!  How we wished we could have had it in an enclosed warm building!  We were all just freezing!

Happy little Web!  He was just a content, sweet thing!

The otters were having lunch too.

Nap time

Could I have a bag of popcorn please?

 My, what whiskers you have!

This broken glass in the chimpanzee area was just a little disconcerting!

A happy day!  Even if it was so cold!

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Rachel said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs! What great pictures you got! The one of Webb is perfect! What a easy little guy he is...definitely a blessing, especially in situations like cold rainy zoo days!