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Monday, June 10, 2013

VBS - "Unleash the Power of God!"

Last week was an incredibly fun week of VBS - Vacation Bible School.

Each morning these 2 super heroes greeted the children.  I taught the 2-year-olds and about half the class was afraid of these masked characters so they stayed back in the nursery for the opening.

Each morning we also watched a very professionally done movie by some great actors from our church.  It was about two boys who kept getting into trouble and 3 superheroes who helped them get out of trouble by finding The Superhero!

We had a great worship time.  The children were so excited and quite vocal about praising our Lord!  Some of the 2's really got into dancing to the music!  Two's can be quite wiggly!

The older children did rotations (like missions, crafts, music, snack, games...)  They learned about a great project to raise money to get some proclaimers (audio solar Bibles) for an unreached people group in Africa.  The kids LOVED this and we raised enough money ($2,200!) for over 20 proclaimers!  Below are a couple of the missionaries that will be going in August to tell the people there about Christ!  They are going to a country where my Aunt Treva served for over 30 years!  (thanks, Tami, for this picture!)
it's monday again...
When I was in Africa in 1992, I got to go to a hut with my missionary friend and see her use one of these and watch the African lady listening so intently to God's Word in her own language.  Most of these people don't read so this is a marvelous tool to hear about God!



I had up to 12 two-year-olds and we had a blast!!  These were children of workers only.  They are so adorable!  I didn't get photos of everyone because not everyone came every day and I only brought my camera one day. My bad.

 Bill and Jill would sing "Won't you come and SIT with me.... won't you come and SING with at VBS"

 "Oh I love to pat my Bible, my Bible, my Bible,
  Oh I love to pat my Bible, it's God's Holy Word."

 "Oh, I love to read my Bible, my Bible, my Bible,
  Oh I love to ready my Bible, it's God's Holy Word!"

And what do we read in our Bibles?  We read and learn that God sent us the Rescuer, Jesus!  And that He loves each boy and girl!

I loved these great helpers!!  They are so good with little 2-
year-olds!  Here they are marching around the room with the children!

These are my special super heroes (my granddaughters) who really enjoyed their classes too!  There were 10 children who accepted Christ into their lives this year.  And that makes all the work very worth it!!!!


Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

I LOVE watching you with small children! You are sooooo good with them, and I also really like the songs you teach them. They're addicting songs for adults as well! Thanks for teaching the 2 year-olds last week. I know it was tiring, but it was a good week!

denise ann said...

I am trying to put together a superhero themed week long church camp for 3rd through 5th graders and I cannot find curriculum. Did you create yours or can you tell me where you purchased it? Thank you!