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Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Arkansas happenings

On Sunday morning, we went to New Heights church, where our son is the worship pastor.  After service, we were waiting in the lobby for Staci, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  We were absolutely stunned to see our friends from back in Kansas!  They had come to Arkansas to help their daughter find a place to live and randomly looked for a church to attend.  I think we were both shocked to see each other!

We always have fun with the kids.

 The grandchildren love to read books!  (isn't Eli a hoot with his glasses?!)

Al finished reading an episode of the Boxcar children.  

There are always projects needing to be done.  Al and Josh replaced lights in the kitchen.

Eli found an ant and wanted him for a pet.  Mommy said he could not bring it in the house.  Eli just cried and cried that he couldn't have this ant pet!

But we recently got an e-mail that the children have gotten pet gerbils and they are thrilled!
Fur Ball and Digger 

 We  always eat good at Josh's! 

Sunday evening we took them out to Marketplace Grill in Springdale.  It is a wonderful place to eat!

The children LOVE their mac and cheese and also the sweet potato fries.

And their spinach chicken pizza is delicious!!!

On the way home, we drove by the Dugger's house.  Isn't it huge??  With 19 children, you would HAVE to have a HUGE house!  They live 3 miles from the kids'.

 Graber men - 3 generation

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