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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mary Poppins

Al's staff at the hospital gave him 2 tickets to the music theatre.  
We decided to purchase 2 more and take the girls with us to see Mary Poppins.  

Mary Poppins

It was almost 3 hours long and very entertaining!

Afterwards, the girls could NOT agree on where to eat, so we went
 to a buffet where there are many choices.  
Dessert was their favorite.

And Claire?
She was at home, pining for her sisters.
This is an actual picture of her looking at her sisters and saying "sissies".

Claire had a babysitter while her mommy and daddy also had a date.  Someday, Claire, you will be old enough to go with us!

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Anonymous said...

wasn't Mary Poppin's great?! pretty sure your granddaughters will remember this time with you forever!