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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This past week we went down to Arkansas to be with our grandchildren.  Look at this cloud formation we saw on the way down ~

Our daughter-in-law was in Ethiopia on a medical mission trip
 so we went to help our son out with the children.

When we arrived, the kids were out on the driveway riding bikes.  Al joined in on the fun.

If you are wondering why Eli is riding a pink bicycle - he does have a boy bike, but he was riding a walker bike.  Walker bikes are really pricey, but our kids' friends modified one of their bikes, which they were borrowing.

A walker bike is simply a bike without pedals, low to the ground.  It helps kids learn to balance so they can get rid of their own training wheels.   They had borrowed the bike for Emeri who is now able to bike.

Eli wanted to try the walker bike too,  He is zipping around and balancing so well that they will be able to remove his training wheels too.
Al put a "motor" on Eli's bike.
He was so happy!  Emeri got a "motor" too.  There may or may not have been a little arguing about whose motor was louder!

If you look closely at Eli's face and the backs of his legs (picture at top), you will notice that he has bumps. He and Emeri got hand, foot and mouth disease. So sad!  They haven't been too miserable with it.  It is a little hard to walk with blisters on the bottoms of their feet and there is some itchiness, fever too.  It is contagious so Emeri had to stay home from school.

After playing outside, we went inside to play games that we had brought with us from Kansas.

 Grand kids are so fun to play with!

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