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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bummer birthday party

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Adam and Jill's house for a 
A birthday party for Adam!
 Sandi, Adam's mom was having the girls make "pumpkins".  So cute!

Look at this picture.  Is someone missing?  Like the guest of honor??  Yep.

What he wanted for his birthday party was
to watch the Packer game and eat pizza.

But the local college had a program and the
ministerial alliance was responsible to help with it.
So he was missing his own party.
We cheered the team on without him.

At least some of us did.
These girls love their Nana's new phone to play video games.

We had drinks and popcorn (cheerios for Claire)

My mom decided to go upstairs to help Jill cut up some fruit to go with the pizza we were ordering.  When she got to the top of the stairs, she was having trouble with the child safety gate.

What we can figure out is that when it flipped open, mom must have lost her balance and she went crashing down the stairs, pulling the gate with her.

My first thought was that she had broke her neck, as it was at an odd angle.  It looked like she hit a door jam. She was unconscious and some of us thought she was dead!  We called 911 and the ambulance came for mom, who finally gained consciousness.  She was quite confused though and we were still worried about broken bones.

Sandi took the girls with her to their bedroom and they prayed for their Grandma Lois.

 Mom was taken to the local hospital, just a couple of minutes away.  A CT scan revealed a brain bleed so  she was taken to Wichita where there is a neuro-surgeon.

X-rays showed NO BROKEN BONES.  Not her neck, not her spine, not her hip even.  AMAZING!!!!  My sweet 87-year-old mother was just fine, just a little sore from the fall.  The bleed will resolve itself.

She was in the hospital 2 nights and released.

When we got back to the home, I walked over to Dad's room in health care and told him we were going for a walk.  He did not know that I had brought mom home yet.  I wheeled him back to the duplex where Mom surprised him.  He said he almost had a heart attack!!

Dad is so happy to have Mom back; in fact, he cried!  She visits him 3 times a day and he truly missed her!  They are so in love!

Adam's party was not so fun I think.  He did make it home in time to watch the very  last of the Packer game (Jill called him when Mom fell)  - but they lost.  Bummer.  A win for his birthday would have been nice!

After Al and I and Mom left, they went ahead with the party.  They had pizza and sang happy birthday and Adam received some nice gifts.  So his birthday wasn't totally ruined.

Happy birthday, dear son-in-law!!

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Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Even though it wasn't the best BD party, it will be remembered for a long time. Life can be like that. Glad your mom is okay. Amazing!