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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Great Pumpkin Race

Saturday morning we left early to watch the Great Pumpkin Race.

The moon was setting in the west...........................and the sun was rising in the east.

There is something special about small towns where everyone seems to know everyone.

There is a stop sign at the center of main.

Each fall they have the Great Pumpkin Race to help Main Street Ministries, a home for women in need.

There are 2 races; one for adults (a few young people too) and one for kids.
Many people dress in costume. 

Time to get the show on the road!

 The family cheers Adam on!

Claire seems bewildered by it all.

and they're off!  You can see that there are serious runners and always the not-so-serious.

 Jingle, jingle, jingle...

A chilly morning as we wait for daddy!

The first runner in

And here comes Santa!

This guy was excited to pass up Santa!
Santa won't be bringing him any gifts this Christmas!
 Trash man lost his lid  (see first photo of line up)

Good job, Santa!!

Next post....Hannah's first race.

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