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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"The Christmas Story" written and directed by Hannah

We like to read the Christmas story before we open gifts.  This year, however, the children spent all afternoon planning to put on a program for us.
Hannah wrote and directed the following play, without any help from grownups.
She also designed and printed a program or playbill.  

The Narrator

Here is the play printed as is (unedited):

Welcome evrybody to "The Chistmas Sotry" play!  Inside your programs you will find a "atograph page".  After the show you can get atographs from the cast.  Without ferther adew, ladys and gentelmen "The Chistmas Story".

Seen 1
In the small town of Nasereth Mary a young vergen was cooking a dilishus meal.


Seen 2
That night Josiph, Mary's betrothed went to sleep and had a dreem.... (acting)

Seen 3
Caesar Augustus made a decree that all the world shoud be counted.  At the same time Mary was hevy with child.

Seen 4
They went to Bethlehem.  All they could find to seep in was an old stable.

Seen 5
I the feeds outside the vilige sheperds were waching their seep.  They saw a bright star....

(sheep with Baby Jesus)

Seen 6
Wisemen were waching the sky and they saw a difrent star.  This star was biger and brighter than the others.  The misghah is born!  Let's go see him!


 (all at the manger.)


bowing and giving atographs

Thanks for comming to see "The Cristmas Story" play!

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