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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cousin time

It was the birthday of my 1st born grandchild.  
We were going to have a family party at our house the next day, 
but it was fun to go up on HER special day!

Emeri couldn't wait to give Hannah her gift - a watch in her favorite color!

Look how much she has grown!  I remember clearly driving 14 hours by myself to go see my first born!

It was a very nice day so the cousins went biking and scooter-ing.  

Time for supper!  The birthday girl gets to choose the meal and Hannah chose pizza!

One nice thing about daylight savings is that it is still light enough after supper to play outside!

cousin pacts

playing in the alley is the best!

especially in the dirt

 The pastor had to hold a eulogy for a dead bird


Cousins were sad to see the day come to a close.  But there would be tomorrow!

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The Sieberts said...

i remember how excited you were when Hannah was a baby-you are such a fun grandma!