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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moving Mom home!

Almost 2 months ago, mom was taken in for brain surgery because of a brain bleed.  Today, she was discharged from health care!

Mom and her new wheels!

We stopped to see daddy and say good-bye.  Well, not much of a good-bye.  Mom will just be across the street and will stop to see him every day, probably 2 or 3 times.  But she isn't just down the hall anymore.
 Dad is doing much better.  The pain meds are helping him with the 2 compression fractures he has.  We are planning on having a kyphoplasty procedure, where they insert cement into the spine.

 Mom stopped to thank all who cared for her and to say her byes.

Then we walked across the street to her duplex. So happy to be home!
 I used the borrowed wheels to move her belongings back, before returning that to rehab.

Mom was anxious to go to Wendy's, one of her favorite places!   We shared a salad.

But of course no trip to Wendy's is complete without one of these!!  
Ice-cream is my mom and my dad's favorite treat! 

Then we stopped at Dillons for some things.
Mom's cupboards were bare.

Mom will  have to begin preparing her meals once again.
I will be taking her 1 portion size frozen meals from meals I have prepared at home to help out and she is wanting to try some of the meals in the freezer section.  She's never done that before so we will have to see what kinds she will  like the best!

Blessings, Mom and I'm so happy for you!

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