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Thursday, June 19, 2014


On the morning of Claire's 2nd birthday, there was a beautiful sunrise!
It had followed a very noisy overnight storm.

I went to the kids' church.  Darn camera phone didn't get a good shot, but Adam and his sister Staci, visiting from Ohio (can I say that?  She is a traveling gypsy!  She's been in 37 countries and 5 continents!) sang a most wonderful song that sent chills down my body.   "God with Us" by All Sons and Daughters.

Later that day we had 
                  Claire's birthday celebration -

 Hannah designed this easel board that welcomed us at the front door.  Didn't she do a good job??

It was also Father's Day! besides Claire's birthday.
So, before celebrating the birthday, we went to the office to see a video that Hannah spent hours putting together.  Pictures of her daddy and each of the girls put to the music  "Daddy's Girl".  So sweet!  Hannah has a real talent!!

Gifts were given to each of the Dads - Adam, Warren and Allen.

 Al and his precious daughters.  Our son lives far away and was not there, but he did call later on to wish his dad a happy father's day also.

Birthday party time!  Time to celebrate!!

Claire wanted a Dora birthday party.
 The pizza was not quite ready, so we decided to open gifts first.  We were ready for the party to commence!


Adam's mom helped Sophie and Hannah sew these teddies for Claire.
 They did a great job!

For dinner, we had delicious home-made pizza (chicken artichoke, pepperoni and cheese), fruit cups and 7-layer salad.

Claire ate only a little.  
"All done!!.....CAKE...CAKE!!!"

We told her she had to wait until everyone was finished with supper.
Watch this!

When the party was finished, we gave our good bye kisses and took mom back to her place.  She asked Allen to come in to the garage for a moment.  He often helps her out so he thought nothing of it.  But we had a surprise for him!!

Ha ha!  Look at his BIG eyes!!
"What did you do??"
He was shocked to find that we got him a Stihl chain saw!
(thanks Dan Prier for your help letting me know what was the best one to get.  Al LOVES this!!)

Celebrations are such fun!!

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