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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dinner, Israel and wolves!

Last evening we were invited to the Friesen's for dinner.  We first met Marc and Sarah when they joined our young married's small group.  That was BC  -  before children.  A few years ago.

Luke wanted to invite us over because he wanted to talk to Allen about Israel.
 And Colorado.  And the world.  And wolves, bears, hippos and lions.  And Saul, who was not a good guy until he became Paul and loved to tell people about Jesus!
Luke is pointing out Leadville, Colorado where they vacationed this past summer.

Sarah fixed fajitas for dinner.

So very delicious!
 Peek-a-boo!  She loved doing this over and over.  At first she didn't want me to snap her photo.  Then she changed her mind and let me.

 Luke's world map in his bedroom.
He knows continents, many countries and where they are located.  He knows all the states in America.  And this boy is in kindergarten!

Thanks for the very good time, Friesens!!

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