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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day off

On Mondays I watch Claire.  But this last week, the girls had the day off of school so all 3 came for the day.    

Jill told the girls that they were going to Nana's house for the day.  Claire said "Maybe we get hugs!"  Yes, I would think so!!!

   Lots of hugs!!

We decorated our pumpkins. 

"That's mine.  I draw face." 
 "I want picture with rock."  (she is really putting words together now!)
 "How many birdies, Claire?"
                                                                 "1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12!"

"Hi geese!!"
(she waves at every critter and people she sees) 

except him.
I ran into this spider web!!  GROSS!  It was a full web until I did that.
See him by the wood?  He's almost camophlaged. 

Chalk is good for drawing and for lipstick!


The girls helped do some leaf raking.  They didn't even ask if I wanted it done.  They are good workers with lots of initiative!

Hannah wanted to try out a recipe of her own.  "You just take common denominators from several recipes." she told me.  She wanted to make cookies with candy corn in them!

Yes, I did supervise!  I watched so those little fingers wouldn't get chopped off, Jill!

 Claire wanted to play downstairs.  She loves to go there to the play house and she always says the same thing every time as she climbs down those steps.

"It's dark down there!"  (or "Is daak down deh")

And I always say "We'll turn on the light!"

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