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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Arkansas Trick or Treating and birthdays

Jill's family drove to Arkansas to be with the cousins for Halloween.

 Both Emeri and Hannah were Elsas.  At the church Trunk or Treat, there were probably more Elsas than any other character!  She is really popular this year!
A few days later, Eli asked his mom "can I have my health bar?". 
She kept asking him what he meant and then he brought her this. 
He said, " it says its healthy!". 
You'd think with the shirt he is wearing, Staci would melt and give in?  Cute huh?


The next day, Emeri and Eli celebrated their birthdays.
Their birthdays are 2 days apart and some years they have "together" birthday parties.

 Aunt Jill likes to make number shirts!
 Emeri and Eli are really "into" the Dragons movie!

After opening gifts and eating cake, movie time!

Happy birthday, Emeri and Elijah!!

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