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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mom's story; birthday cakes

While my parents were in language school in Kobe, my brother David had his first birthday.  Mom baked an angel food cake.  

She continued to bake him an angel food cake almost every birthday.  
He still asks for it every year.

 (I'm adding more pictures than I had posted for her funeral.  I just found some fun ones!)

 (I had to throw this one in - maybe Dave is jealous that Judy got an angel food cake for her birthday too?)

 Mom has always enjoyed a good party and made every birthday special.  She decorated many birthday cakes over the years.

oh dear

Even in her 80's she made sure we had wonderful birthdays!

These were the last cakes she made as we celebrated 
Dad's and Mindy's August birthdays this past year.

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