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Sunday, March 22, 2015

A geography lesson

Last Sunday after church, I made a fast trip to Arkansas.
I arrived in time for a late supper and to read bed-time stories to the children.

On Monday morning, Emeri had school and I hung out with Eli.

He enjoys the game of Life!  
Except we didn't play it the normal way - we just spun the wheel and went that amount of spaces with our cars.  We didn't stop to get married or have babies, get careers, buy houses, etc.  But it was fun.  We played 4 times and he won every time!!  Maybe someday he'll be able to beat his Aunt Mindy playing it the grownup way!

The purpose for this fast trip was to share about Japan to Emeri's first grade class.
They are studying geography and when they were going to study about Japan, I was asked if I would be willing to give some input since I grew up there.
Emeri is in the front row smiling over at someone.

Showing the children how crowded it gets in the train sometimes.

It can get pretty crazy!!

I shared about the different alphabet systems they have and how kanji
(the Chinese method that began with picture drawings) developed.
After my short lesson, I said my good-byes to Emeri and went to Kristin's house. 
 I was going to go beforehand, but I got 

I'm a Kansas girl.  Look at the roads in Arkansas.
They are squiggly and the miles in Arkansas are MUCH longer than miles in Kansas.

See how nice and square miles are in Kansas?  A mile is a mile.

Nate and Kristin were in our young marrieds group that we led here in Kansas but then they moved to Arkansas.   They live close to the school Em goes to. (unless you get lost!)

I had to see their new little baby Miles that they adopted.  He is just so lovable!!
You can read their story here.
 I wasn't done with visiting.  After good-byes to Kristin and Miles, I wanted to see my Aunt Betty and Uncle Bill.  Aunt Betty is 10 years younger than my daddy.  They live just a few miles off the road on the way back home.  Just across the border in the hicks.  Truly.

I came across a farm that had free-range guinea fowl.  I remember seeing these in Africa.  I didn't even know they had them in America!

This farmer had an out house.
Maybe it was ok that the picture was blurry.
Elvis and some shady lady.

Up a narrow lane and into the boonies and there they were!
 Uncle Bill tells me that they have seen bald eagles, bob cats and even mountain lions.
 Here is a picture of my Dad.  He is the boy with the rifle, and Aunt Betty is the baby.
It was a fast trip, and a long one.  Luckily, I don't mind pulling off to a rest area or gas station for a quick power nap when needed.

A Starbucks helped and seeing a beautiful sunset was great for my heart!  (Yes, I pulled off the road)

I had a laugh when I got home.  There had been an addition to my grocery list. 
 I had written down Pam (the cooking spray).
Clearly my son-in-law's hand-writing!

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