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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Last Sunday there was a memorial for my mother and others who had passed away during this past quarter at the home.  Nine people in all had passed away.

Eric, the chaplain of the home, gave a nice service.  And of course, we cried.

Even though I know Mom is in a good place - a wonderful place!! and I know she wouldn't wish to be back here (anymore than a baby would want to re-enter the womb after experiencing the loving arms of its parents), yet I miss her so much!

So many days I think to myself "Oh, I need to call mom and tell her something", then as soon as I think it, I realize I can't.

My mother's good friend and neighbor, Wanda, played the piano for us. 

People shared memories.

And afterwards, we went to the cafeteria for some cookies and coffee.

Love you, Mom!!

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