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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hannah and Jill's birthdays

It's been over 2 weeks since Hannah's 10th birthday!
And Jill's 30 plus?? birthday too.

I'm a little behind in the posting!

 Hannah picked the colors - teal and pink.  She made the puff balls above!

I happened to match the napkins!

Jill made this super cool cake!  The inside was also colored!

She blew out all 10 candles in one big puff!

We didn't have a 2nd cake for Jill. 
 I had already gotten her a chocolate cream pie on her day and she ate it all up!!  
(not true - she did share some of it with us.  Ha!!)  
Here is the proof of that pie.

All the children received a little gift and Hannah said they should open theirs first.


Hannah wanted a necklace that had her birthstone. 
At Faith and Life Bookstore, I found one that had the birthstone (in the circle locket) and then charms that are about her (in the heart locket).  The locket is magnetic.  You can just wear the circle part if you want or just the heart one.  Pretty neat!  And she can add other charms as she wants.

Hair chalk from the cousins - lovin that!!

She loves Junior Chef and loves to cook!  Thanks Gramsie!

And you can't go wrong with fancy nail polish!  Thanks, Aunt Mindy!

And since Hannah and her mommy share March birthdays, we celebrate together sometimes.

 See the sibling photos on the bookshelf?


Finishing up the party with cake and ice-cream!!

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