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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May + end of school = programs

It is May!  

We have a tradition on May Day where we take flowers to the kids' house, 
put them on the door knob, ring the doorbell and run away.  

This year, they happened to be outside so they saw us.
I think if they catch you in the act, you are supposed to give them a big kiss!

I brought them a May Day dessert.  Ice-cream in a plastic cup and placed inside a little flower pot.  Add crushed chocolate cookie on top and add a flower.  I used fake flowers, but if you use a real one, just put a straw in the ice-cream, then insert the flower.

May means school is wrapping up!  
There have been lots of programs!  

The first program we had was Sophia's ballet recital.

Great job, Sophia!!

Because she takes lessons from mommy, she didn't have a piano recital, but she plays some pieces for us when we go to their home.  Learning it well!

She was ill the day of her school program.  Sad.

Hannah had several "end of year" events.  First, she and a couple others from her class were selected to enter the PLTW (Project Lead the Way Kansas) competition at WSU!  It is an engineering scholarship program for high schoolers, but a few elementary age kids were also invited to participate.  What an honor to be chosen!

They built a pulley structure that could lift items 
too heavy to carry into a tree house.

Papa has a few words of wisdom.  I think he missed his calling.  He is definitely teacher material!

Interlocking furniture design
We liked this idea! - a tailgate model that turns into a ramp for easy loading.

Of course, if you're in the big city, it is a good excuse to go out to eat!!

Another evening, Hannah had a school program we went to.

Hannah isn't in the band, but Al had Claire on his lap and he said, 
"Claire, look at the trumpet!" 

"No.  Look at the Amerigo fyag!"  
(she LOVES the flag!) 

Hannah is taking guitar.   
They offer lessons at the school and she has learned so much!
So on another evening, we went to her guitar recital.

 Daddy helped out with accompanying with the djembe and also on the guitar.

A good time to hang out with friends and watch their older siblings perform.

My grands in Arkansas also had end of year activities.
Eli had his last "alone with Mommy on Monday" activity.
They went hiking and had lots of special time! 

He also graduated from training wheels!

Emeri had award day and here was Staci's e-mail about it:

The school had an award ceremony today and each child was given a character award. Emeri's teacher gave her the character or virtue. And she also got the highest achievement award for having the highest grades in her class!  She was so excited. And one of our carpool buddies got the award for her kindergarten class so we went out for ice cream (and it was Eli's half birthday AND he had his interview for Kindergarten in which the teacher said he is MORE than ready for kindergarten!  Not surprising, that boy cracks me up! ) Then we had a cookout around the fire pit with some friends and neighbors. It was awesome weather. This time of year is so fun!!!  The only bummer of the day was that I didn't get a medal. I wanted to yell out "where are the momma metals?  We all need one! " lol!

 And Claire?  We are still waiting for complete potty training!  It will be soon, I think!
We must have a little celebration for that!

Oh yes, Staci, you mommas and daddies need medals too!

Bravo to you!!

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