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Monday, June 29, 2015

Nana and Me days

With summer vacation here, we thought a Nana and Me day was in order.  

I had a Nana and Me day with Sophia first.  I went to pick her up.  I took a different route and drove by this church.  I LOVE this church building!  Some of my relation who immigrated from Russia helped build this.
Happy Hills Road - so aptly named!
I love this place on that road!  
If it ever is for sale.....

Beautiful Kansas wheat!

Sophie was having swim practice when I got to the pool 

 After she was done, we came back to town.  Her pick of the restaurant to eat at was McDonalds.  She hadn't been there for at least a couple of years and she wanted to try it.

We ate at the picnic table by the river.

We went inside for dip cones though so they wouldn't melt all over.
They don't make the cones as pretty as Dairy Queen, but they sure are tasty!!


We went to Walmart to get a new toy and some craft things.
 Sophie loves Legos!
 We painted some tennies - an idea I found on Pinterest.
You paint with sharpies, then put rubbing alchohol over it to make it smudge.

Making cookies was next 

 Snicker doodles (thought of you Aunt Mindy!) and some faces.
 What a fun time with Sophia!!


Then another week I had a Nana and Me date with Hannah. 
She also picked McDonalds to eat at and we did a Walmart run too.

We made cookies - Hannah's invention. 

I do not recommend adding gummy bears to cookies.  
They melt and stick to the pan.

We played Battleship and Waterworks.
Guess who won?

We got online and watched "Who's Smarter than a 5th Grader" 
 Such a fun show!

It was getting late and Hannah has been begging to go to Twisted Cow.

What a great time with grand kids!

Can't wait for spending time with a couple of Arkansas grands soon!

Proverbs 17:6New International Version (NIV)

Children’s children are a crown to the aged...

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