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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The banker

After looking over the cemetery plots, we drove into town to see the banker.

The banker happens to be Al's brother.

I was surprised to see this painting on the wall.
I painted this picture of the farm back before we had children and gave it to the folks as a gift.  Sid asked if he could have it after they passed away.  Since he lives on the farm now, I was happy to let him have it.

Sid pointed out that 3 of the 5 buildings in the picture aren't there any more.  The roundtop burned down, the barn fell into disrepair and I don't know about the shed.  The chicken coop and the house are still there.

 See the vault?  Back in the late 70s or 80s, Allen's mother used to work at the bank.  One day a robber came into the bank and locked up the workers in that vault.

Another year, some jokers tried to tunnel their way through into the bank from the building next door. They were caught before they could finish.

The restaurant in town closed shop so we went to Strohl's gas station for pizza.  The rest of the family joined us.

It happened to be Jared's 20th birthday!  In Japan, age 20 is when you are considered an adult.
 We had to drag Main of course.

We stopped to see Prairie Sunset Home.
We hadn't seen it since it was remodeled.  It was so pretty!!
 Our sister-in-law works there.
We saw that many of the couples who were friends of our parents are now residents.  These were people who were younger than we are now back in the day when we lived in town!

We took a different road home, going through Amish country.

We've had lots of rain.
 No real need for irrigation this summer.

 Prairie pots?  What an appropriate name for pots on the prairies of Kansas.

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