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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trip to the Dominican

The Schumacher family is in the Dominican adopting a son and a daughter.  They have to be there up to 5 months while they wait on US Customs to finalize papers so they can re-enter the States.

Adam and Jill decided that they would like to go for a week to encourage them.  The Schumachers are good friends - and distant cousins! - and have helped Adam and Jill with the church plant.  The church put together a care package that they could take to them.  Hannah and Sophia would be able to experience a cross-cultural missions experience also.  
They decided that Claire should stay with us.
Family group hug before going to the airport.

As we got close to the airport, Claire looked out her window and said 
"Look, fox poles!"  
You can see the resemblence right?

Cora, a friend of Noah Schumacher, also came along. 
 Like their matchy-matchy shirts? 

While they were busy checking in, Claire and I went up and down the escalator at the new airport.  It was my first time at the Eisenhower Airport.   They'll be tearing down the old airport, Wichita Mid-Continent.

 I can still remember coming to the States when I was 7 
and landing at that airport.
Here is a picture of us coming to the States on furlough in 1968.  
We had to walk across the tarmac and we could see 
our relatives up on the roof of the airport waving at us.

Last hugs.

Adam being body scanned.  He is holding his arms up.   
As Claire and I left the airport, she saw 2 little puppies 
like the one below in someone's car. 
"Look, Nana!  Baby cows!"
The lady told us that the dogs' names were Simon and Susie, 
the same names as my niece and nephew.

She fell asleep on the way home. 

We were going to have a wonderful week together!
A vacation at Nana's house!

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