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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sunday in Colorado

When we get a hotel, we always try to get one with breakfast included.  We do LOVE those breakfast buffets!!

We met Mindy at church.
Claire did not want to go to a "strange" Sunday School class so when she wasn't up to sitting still any longer, I took her out to the lounge.

I listened to the sermon on-line this past week.  
EXCELLENT!!  Very worth listening to.
Click HERE!
(Sermon title "Neither do I condemn you")

Adam grilled chicken for lunch.  Mmmmm.

Al was stretching his back as he was having some back pain.
"Claire, can YOU touch your toes?"
"I can touch my nose!"

nap time

After rest time, we went to the pool.  It is the end of September in Colorado and it is warm enough for swimming??  A little unusual.

Papa and Hannah decided to have a race
 Hannah pulled away with her fantastic flip turn

 After the swim, we headed to the park

 Sophie met a girl there to play with

 Back to the apartment to celebrate Papa's birthday
 We like birthday pies!

Bryan had never heard Papa's alien abduction story before so it had to be told! 
Beautiful sunset view from Mindy's place.

We said our good-byes as we were leaving in the morning to return to Kansas.
As we were headed back to the hotel, the eclipse of the blood moon was just beginning.
(Not a good shot from a car with a phone camera)

Here is a photo someone else took.  It was so beautiful! 
In Denver, clouds came and went so we couldn't see it always.

We were so glad that the girls could see it before they went to bed!
We could see it from our room!
We older ones stayed up until it was over.
(Except Adam who was less than enthused)

On Monday, we headed home.
We spotted all but 5 of the states' license plates!

 This is a fun game to play!  Locals, you can get this at Anderson's.
We arrived at the kids' house after many hours in the car. Not as fun to drive home as to head to the mountains!   We had to entertain a lot!!

The kids were sure ready to be home though!!  We unloaded and then we still had the drive to make to our house.

The silly wave goodbye to us.
 What a great time with our Colorado kids.
The following weekend, we were headed off to see our Arkansas kids.

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