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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Waffles and spaghetti

Ever think that men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti?

This is the 3rd time that Allen and I are leading a group studying this book by Bill and Pam Farrel that describe the differences between men and women.

"Men process life like waffles.  They think and act by moving from box to box.  They enter a box, size up the single problem, and formulate a solution.

Women process life like a plate of spaghetti.  Each issue is like an individual noodle that touches every other noodle on the plate.  They find it natural to multitask."

One couple from the first group we studied this book with said that it saved their marriage!

Our community life group from church for this year got together for a Belgium waffle dinner last week.

We are still wearing name tags as we are just getting to know one another.

We had scrambled eggs, lots of bacon, Hillsboro sausage, syrup, peanut butter, whipping cream, strawberries, blueberries and bananas.  Your choice of toppings with your waffles.

 I highly recommend this book as a group study!  Looking forward to getting to know these fun young people!

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