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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Birds and more

Our orioles and hummingbirds have arrived and I make home-made "juice" for them.

The oriole syrup is 1 part sugar to 6 parts water.
I boil 1 cup of water and dissolve 1 cup sugar in it.  
Then add 5 more cups of water.

I also give the oriole an orange half and grape jelly.

The hummingbird syrup is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.
No need to add red food coloring as they used to do.
Some claim it is harmful for them.

The robin's nest is done and I've seen the robin in it, but upon climbing a ladder to peek inside, there were still no eggs.

The red-bellied woodpecker is able to snatch the peanuts but this birdfeeder keeps the starlings out.

Red-wing blackbird

On our evening walk around our pond, we saw "Willard" again.
We lovingly have named our great blue heron after an elderly gentleman in our church.

This kitty was sneaking up on a little bird.

One of our neighbors, Joan, likes to take Miss Big on a walk.  
Miss Big is getting a little old and sometimes she just needs to take a ride.

Our pond is used lots by many walkers, joggers and bikers.

Grackels beginning to roost and settle down for the night.

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