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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Interrupt this post....

Because life continues....
the blog posts about Turkey will be interrupted.

We celebrated Claire's 4th birthday a little early.
Claire decorated her cake with just a little help from Mommy.
She had her ideas of what her princess castle should look like!


Even Papa got a gift.
His overdue trophy from March Madness.
The Graber bracket trophy to be displayed in a prominent place in the house.
From last year's winner to this year's winner.

We celebrated Claire's birthday early because her daddy and sister were going to 
church camp in Missouri  and would not be there on her real birth date. 

Since they were gone, we decided to make a trip to see the cousins in  Arkansas.

These two decided to dress like twins.

Claire got to have a birthday party there too.
But she woke up sick...throwing up sick.

 She still wanted to open presents though.

By supper time, she was feeling so much better and was ready to eat Chick-Fil-A (her request) and have a party!  We had taken left-over birthday cake down to Arkansas with us.

Have a wonderful 4th year, Claire!

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