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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Turkey from the air

After our crazy 2 hour sleep, it was time to get up!  
We met the rest of our group at breakfast.
Off we went on the bus to the airport to catch a flight to Antalya.

Kudos to Belgin, our Turkish guide who got boarding passes for all 42 of us ahead of time!

The scenery was jaw-dropping for me 
and I just have to share the beauty of Turkey!

I am so grateful that I had window seats on all our flights.
(thanks to you who prayed!)
Not only to take pictures, but I am claustrophobic
              and it helps me to have that open space to look out at!

Amazing!!  Mt. Ararat is in far eastern Turkey, but can't you just envision the ark coming to rest on mountains like these?

 Antalya, Turkey
 Look, Eli!  A shark conveyer for our suitcases!

And then we were off and running to the next thing...

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