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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Assos, Turkey, part 2

On Paul's final missionary journey, he walked from Alexandria Troas to Assos, about a 20 mile walk (see Acts 20).  Here he met his companions, who had gone ahead of him by sea.  How very neat to spend the night where Paul sailed from.  

As we were leaving the harbour of Assos, peddlar women came to sell us various things.

We took the shuttle busses to our regular bus and it took us to the top of the hill to the town of Assos, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

 On the way up, we stopped to see an ancient theatre.
Aristotle, the great philosopher taught in Assos for 3-4 years.  Alexander the Great conquered this area.  There is so much history here!
The necropolis, or cemetary, was placed by the road that led into a city.  This paved road dates to the 6th century.  Paul likely entered through the gates up ahead.


These walls were constructed by the Greeks in the 4th century

There are numerous Roman tombs. The earlier tombs from the Persian era are unadorned, unlike the Roman tombs.

We continued on up.  More peddlars met us as we came off the bus.

 Shops lined the road as we climbed to the top of the hill.
 It began to drizzle and the steep stone road was becoming quite slick.

Here is a model of the temple of Athena that used to sit on this hilltop.  You can just imagine coming into the harbour and seeing this huge, impressive temple at the top.  It doesn't say that Paul spoke to the people here, but often he did speak about their worship of false gods.  He was beaten and chased out of many of those towns.

 The harbour of Assos below
 We began our descent down, slipping and sliding all the way.

We came upon this little shop.  I loved it!

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