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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Leaving the nest

In the early spring, barn swallows made their nest outside our kitchen window.    Although barn swallows do tend to come back and reuse a nest, I had never seen another bird take over the nest that had been vacated.  It was the oddest thing.  

A sparrow lay eggs in this swallow's nest and just yesterday, her brood decided to leave the nest.  I couldn't get a good picture through the kitchen screen window.  

The location for both the swallow and sparrow bird's nests (from sparrows in the early spring) is perfect as it is right by bushes and a big tree where the babies can easily fly to and practice their hops and short flights before taking off.

The nest is now empty.  Al wants to tear it down, but I read that you should leave them alone.  It will be used again next year.

Another little birdie has taken flight, still dependant on mommy grackle to feed it.

Last year the purple martins had migrated by Aug. 1.  This year they continue to hang about a little longer.  The babies are maybe not quite ready to take the long flight back to South America.

Claire and I went for a walk around our pond yesterday.  I wished I'd had my good camera.  Both the great blue heron and great egret (we lovingly have named them Willard and Edna) were there.

The great blue heron flew away when someone walked by.  
We spotted him on our way back to the house.
Pretty flowers!

Somebody killed this bug. 

This morning I glanced at a school bus driving passed the window.  Many children have "flown the nest" and gone back to school.  Including my Arkansas grandchildren.

The Kansas grands don't have school just yet.  We filled up the pool for an afternoon of fun.

 They were pretending to rescue the "beached whale".

Both the pool and slip and slide have holes in them.  
I had to water the slip and slide with a sprinkler!
I must see if I can get new ones for next summer on sale!

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