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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Anniversary, horses, floods and swings

Our daughter and her husband are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary this week.

We watched their girls overnight for them.

Saturday morning, we wanted to go see the horses up by the college.  


We parked at the Kaufman museum and headed off for the woods.

 The walkway to the barn was flooded over by the recent rains we've had.

We decided to walk the long way around.

 The ground was saturated!

So  was the pasture where the horses usually are kept.  They were probably in the barn, keeping their hooves dry.

Maybe another time, horsies!
"The sun will come out tomorrow!", as the song goes.

We were close to the bridge again.  
Papa decided he would try to see how forceful the water was.  
And it really wasn't at all, so we crossed the bridge.  

Don't worry, Jill.  I held on to Claire's hand tightly, although it really was ok.

And of course, when one is on the college campus, one MUST stop at Mojos!

Jill, they did not eat the entire rolls.  They were HUGE!  
Papa helped and we brought some home too.

Next stop was the Athletic park!  When we were talking about where to go, a decision could not be made between the horses or the park and we said "let's do BOTH!"

 See the water pooled at the end of the slides?  They chose NOT to go down!

Such a fun swing!  
All of them can swing together!
 Sister hugs!

"A grandchild is a gift from above, one to cherish and to love." ― Author Unknown

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