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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Acropolis, continuation of our trip

The Acropolis is a rocky, elevated area above the city of Athens

The Pantheon (above) and Athena Nike temple (below)

Follow the rules!

Herodian ampitheatre - modern shows put on here
"Live at the Acropolis"

Gate entrance to the Acropolis
 A 3,500 year old "hole in the wall"  (ha!)

The temple faces east toward the sun
The columns were built in sections and earthquakes have never damaged it.

"Those boots are made for walking..." someone crooned.

Shrine of the goddess Athena

These ladies are not the original ones.  Those are in a museum.

 Under renovation

 Drawing of what it may have looked like.

The stairs appear flat from a distance but actually have an ever so slight curve - an optical illusion.  Those Greeks were very intelligent!


lots of picture taking!

guess what these bowls are for?

as in Turkey, they love their cats!

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