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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A stay at Hotel Columbus in Rome

After our visit to the Otis Antica and the catacombs, we got on the bus for a ride to our hotel.  They don't allow motorized vehicles close to the Vatican and as our hotel was within the Vatican square, we had to walk a little distance lugging our suitcases behind us.  Good thing we travel light!  Some people insist on many bags, but we always do carry-on only!  Even when we went to Africa one year for 5 weeks.  We were on 17 airplanes and we knew the possibility was high that if we checked luggage, we wouldn't see it again until we returned home!

This hotel was built in the 1400's!  
A pope and several cardinals used to reside here many years ago.

It's about a 5 minute walk down the street to the Vatican.


What a quaint place!

This is the "living room" area downstairs where we could get wi-fi the best.
We had to get new passwords each day from the check-in desk.

Our little room with old wooden shutters.
 View when opening the shutters.

There was a teeny, tiny elevator that we used to take our lugguge to our room, 
but it was almost faster to walk the steps than to wait on it.

After depositing our luggage, we walked to St. Peter's square.

  A marching band was going by.

How I enjoy people watching!

 This couple was having their picture taken with the Vatican in the background.

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