Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rain and famine

It seems like it has been raining every day since March.

It hasn't, but we have been dumping out the rain gauge regularly!

Our county has had numerous flood warnings.

 The stream behind our house gets pretty full, but it has never gotten up to our house.  Even in that infamous 100 year flood about 12 years ago, although it did come into our yard!

Yesterday, some girls were jogging and had to stop because the water was running over the bridge.
"Edna" is loving it!

We had sunshine for the afternoon and then it stormed again in the evening.

We cannot complain!
The folk in Missouri have it bad!

 The roads to our son's home via Missouri route are closed.

The sun is out today.  It is a gorgeous day!!

Claire came over today and I showed her a surprise.

I wonder if it is an abandoned egg?
Claire said she would watch over it.

We found a happy toad.

We went for a walk (well, a run for Claire)

She thought she should be able to swing, but there is a little stream under the swing.

The stone table had been under water.  You can see the debris.

What do you see, Claire?

She was just singing and dancing!

And she is quite the helper too!

Today's little Bible lesson was about Elijah. (1 Kings 16-18)  
Elijah faced King Ahab and told him that the Lord would not bring rain or even dew for the next few years except at his word.  God told Elijah to go hide in the Kerith Ravine.  There he would drink from the brook and the ravens would supply him with food. 

Can you imagine that miracle?!  A raven sharing food??  

"In the wild, ravens have pushed rocks on people to keep them from climbing to their nests, stolen fish by pulling a fishermen’s line out of ice holes, and played dead beside a beaver carcass to scare other ravens away from a delicious feast.
If a raven knows another raven is watching it hide its food, it will pretend to put the food in one place while really hiding it in another.  " - 10 fascinating things about ravens )

When the brook dried up, the Lord had him go to Zarephath where he was to ask a widow to give him food.  She only had enough to fix her last meal for her and her son, but she did as he asked.  Miraculously the jar of flour and jug of oil never went dry.   

God provided for Elijah.  He was under God's tender care.  "The God who asked Elijah to trust Him when He piled hardship upon hardship is the same God who asks you to trust Him today....The same God who fed a discouraged prophet is the God who will sustain you when you think you can't go on."  - Betsy Childs Howard, When God Asks Too Much

 When Jill came to pick up Claire, we decided to go to the Bread Basket.  She wanted to go one last time before they move to Wisconsin!

As we were eating, Claire said "You know what very true?  You should never put tape on your lips.  Or glue.  They stick your lips together."    ????    Where did she decide upon this truth?  Ha!!

You know what is truth?  I will be a sad Nana when the kids move away.  But we have evidenced God's fingerprints all over this journey.  We can only say that it is His moving; closing and opening doors along the way.  I stand in AWE of how He has worked.

And He will sustain us when we think we can't stand it.  He will be our Provider in every way.  We may think we are walking through the desert, but we are never deserted.

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