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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cousins' week: Day 2; the Y

On Day 2, we went to the YMCA to swim.  It is quite close to our house.

The children had so much fun!

Nanas have the perogative to treat children to the vending machine.
The kids weren't too sure how to use one.
The kids also spent more time making their movie.

That evening, I made spaghetti and the kids ate several helpings worth!  They had a huge appetite!  Seems like it is always a big hit!

After Jill left with her children, we had some wrestle time before showers.

We always have a story time before going to bed - Emeri and Elijah LOVE Calvin and Hobbs!  We have several books so they enjoyed that.  We ended the story time with a little children's devotion and prayers and singing hymns and worship songs with them.

Their parents also prayed with them on a video over DUO app.   I love how we can keep in touch even when in different countries!

Back when I was growing up in Japan, we kept in touch with our grandparents by air mail or by talking on a reel to reel tape recorder, then mailing it to them!  It would take weeks, even months, to receive one back!

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