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Friday, June 9, 2017

The bike

My mother rode her bike in Japan alot.  I couldn't seem to find a picture of her with it.  I know I have seen one before, but no mind, it is imprinted in my mind.   

The picture above is of my Dad's bike.  There is a place for my brother Doug to ride in the front.  Dave would sit on the back rack and hold onto Dad.  The kickstand is pretty stable for this bike not to tilt over with them on it, don't you think?

Mom never drove a car in Japan.  She rode her bike to the little shops to pick up her groceries or get clothing.  I can still remember when she learned to drive in America and how she accidently drove up on the curb once!

She would walk her bike to the train station when she took us there to catch our train for boarding school.  She loaded our suitcases on the bike rack and then after saying good-byes to us, she would ride her bike home.

I found this nifty bike on-line and ordered it!  I have been looking for a trike for some time.  Two friends have fallen off their 2 wheel bikes and broke bones and I also have fallen - although I caught myself and didn't end up in the ER.  

Time to revert to a tricycle!  Much safer!
Allen put it together for me.  It took a couple of hours.  So grateful for him!

It was a beautiful morning so I decided to ride the bike to the grocery store.
It is only 1 1/2 miles away and there is a wide bike path all the way.
 Riding a bike to the store is so nice!  A way to "smell the roses", so to speak.

I saw turtles in our pond.

A scissortail on the line. (I need to bring along my big camera next time.)

A few goslings by the hospital pond.  

Note to self:  Do not ride bike by the tornado siren on Monday noon.  It could startle big time!

Wheat looks almost ready to cut - if it quits raining!

Workmen painting the lines.

Wild prairie flowers.

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