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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A trip back in time

Our daughter and her family had just moved to Wisconsin and here we were, not even a month later, taking a trip up to visit them.  We really DO miss them!  But also, Sophia was having a birthday party!

We woke up EARLY....3AM to make the trip.
 We got to see a gorgeous Kansas sunrise!
 I was not too fond of the Kansas City rush hour traffic!  But a stop at Starbucks was great!
I am often mistaken for Betty.
Debby doesn't sound anything like it, does it?

This wide load was playing "Parcheesi" double block on the road in Dubuque. 

We stopped in Madison to see Pastor and Mrs. Yanada.
It was right on the way!
I haven't seen them since I was 16!  Takako-san remembered Allen.
They visited us in Pretty Prairie when we were teenagers!

When my parents went to Japan, they began to tell the people there about Christ.  They would do street evangelism and also another way was by having English classes where they also taught the Bible.
Yanada-san is sitting beside my dad.

They had Japanese church services.
Yanada-san is 4th back center aisle.
 Yanada-san is 3rd back on the right.
 Yanada-san accepted Christ as his Saviour as a teen, age 17!


 He married Takako-san 

They had 2 girls, Naomi and Megumi 

Yanada-san became a pastor along with several others.
He even pastored our church in Aburatsu!

He continues to pastor a small Japanese congregation in Madison.  What a sweet fellowship we had along with some Japanese green tea and Japanese treats!  No doubt, we will visit again, as we will continue our drive up to see our kids in Wisconsin!

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