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Friday, August 4, 2017

The move, part 5 - on the road to Wisconsin

The day after the swim meet, we hit the road for Wisconsin!
 A stop at Starbucks with a gift card from a friend
 who also treated us with goodies!
 We arrived in KC at lunchtime and decided to make a stop at T-Rex Cafe.  What a fun place to go!

 We had many things to occupy the hours

A stop at McDonald's for a little snack and so Claire could get rid of wiggles!
Half-way point
Des Moines!

The girls were pretty excited to stay at a "fancy" hotel! 

especially since it had a swimming pool! 

After the swim, we settled down for our supper that we 
brought with us and a little tv watching
 HGTV for the big girls and some cartoons for the little one.

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