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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playdough Fun and Dreams

While Jill went to teach her baby Kindermusik class this morning, the girls and I had some fun with Playdough. I got a new Playdough ice-cream maker machine at Target last week so we made ice-cream cones and cupcakes. Sophia is just learning that Playdough is not to eat - sort of.

Maybe they are some future Dairy Queen workers? By the way, Sarah, you had a wonderful post about community life groups. Really good!! Well, on Friday night I had a terrible dream. A nightmare!! It was about Jill and Adam's community life group. For some reason, part of what they did as a group was to sacrifice themselves one at a time to be killed for the good of the community. Is that horrible or what?? I can't recall who it was, but one of them was being killed while I watched. They were using electric drills and screwdrivers and such to slowly kill this person. And they were ok with it. They didn't find it disturbing or wrong!!! I was trying to tell them it was murder and trying to stop it, but to no avail.

Frankly, I have had a few very vivid and horrid dreams and I have decided it is due to some medication I have taken at night. I have decided to take it in the morning. Al says it shouldn't have that affect, but I don't agree with the pharmacist on this one.

The odd thing is, on Sunday night a few of us got together to do some Sunday School planning and Jess tells us that Joel had a dream Saturday night where he was punching the air. He said he was dreaming that someone was killing him with screwdrivers and he was trying to fight them! How weird is this????


Marc and Sarah said...

Those are some weird dreams, Debby -- your's and Joel's. I say "trust your instinct" on the effects of medication on that one.

It looks like the playdough time was fun! They might just be future DQ workers! Yeah for that one.

Utecht Family said...

This is a little morbid Mom! Have you been secretly watching "24"?