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Monday, March 23, 2009

You're my friend

Today Jill and I went to Dillons to shop. Hannah pushed her little cart and followed me around, while Sophia wanted to sit in the cart. She would turn around and pick up the frozen corn, or bag of chips - whatever and want to just chew on it. She is getting some real teethers that are hurting.

Hannah decided to come with me to go pick up some more mulch that I needed. With winds 40-50, it was quite a chore driving the pickup! We had the windows down and were just screaming with delight at the wind! We had to roll up the windows as some sand came blasting in. Hannah's eyes began to water some and she said she thought her daddy should become an eye dentist so he could fix it.

Then she said something that melted this grandma's heart. "Nana, you're my friend." Isn't that soooo sweet? Somehow the conversation got to talking about allergies. I am allergic to brocolli and my stomach cramps and I throw up (not a pretty thought, sorry) so although it is one of my favorite veggies, I can't have it.

Hannah told me, "I'm allergic to a kind of pea. One time, I ate them and my tummy hurt. But my mommy read me a Berenstain Bear book and then I felt better. You know, Nana, maybe sometime when you accidently eat brocolli you should read a Berenstain Bear book and you would feel better."


Utecht Family said...

This is really funny - Hannah cracks me up daily! The kind of peas she is talking about are edamame beans. We all really love them, but every time Hannah eats them she gets a stomach ache.

The Wallace's said...

Little kids crack me up with the things they say! How cute!

Marc and Sarah said...

I love the cute little innocence of little kids. Her remark of friendship should just melt your heart :) How special!

Kendall Smith said...

What a HOOT!!! She is so funny.

The Ekeland's said...

Soooo super precious! I love it when little kids talk.