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Friday, April 24, 2009

Parenting again

This past week, Al put up our purple martin house that we got from our sister-in-law for Christmas. So far, although there are a couple purple martins, most of the "renters" are sparrows. We tried cleaning out the sparrows' nests, but they keep coming back. Any ideas? Adam and Dave Reimer went to a pastor's conference in Chicago this past week. Dave took Marilyn along so she could be with her grandson, Charlie (and Jeff and Jess too). And Jill and Hannah went with Adam. After Jill dropped Adam off in Chicago, Jill and Hannah went on to Wisconsin to be with friends in Green Bay and to spend time with Adam's family. Sophie is not a good traveler, so she came to live with us for a few days.

Sophie went with me to my Precepts Bible study on the Beatitudes. Here she is watching Kay Arthur expound on Matthew 7.
Helping Papa sweep the grass up after he mowed the lawn.
We went to Towne East to check out the color truffle on the Kenmore washer and dryer.
Al wanted me to be sure of the color before we ordered them from our local Sears store.
We found this great children's area by Sears.
One night Sophie and I took a bubble bath together.
When we turned on the jets, the bubbles got out of hand!

We went biking...

and Sophie played in the fountain.
The kids think it is a swimming pool.

We took walks...

and went to our Thursday Bible study on Daniel.

Back in September, I wondered whether to continue studying with my "old" Bible study group when Sarah and I decided to do the Daniel study with the young couples' wives. I didn't know if I could do two! But, it really hasn't been too difficult - a few late evenings. But it has been so good for me! One English preacher once said that those who study the Bible only to gain more information may believe their minds are expanding when, in fact, only their heads are swelling! The Word of God is intended to purify us, change us, and make us like Jesus.
I hope that is what it is doing in me. I need more of Jesus all the time!
Like that song "Change me on the inside..."

Sophia loves to play in the playroom under the stairs.
Doesn't she set a lovely table?

A wagon ride for her baby.

Playing T-ball.

Al had the day off on Thursday so he hauled out our old washer and dryer.
It will be finding a new home on Saturday.

Look at this floor! We moved to this house back in 2005 so dust
has been collecting for 4 years (and bobbins and clothespins...)
The Sears guys delivered my new washer and dryer this afternoon.
(and yes, I did clean the floor)
They are really nice! The truffle color is hard to see in the
photo, but it is a great match for the flooring. So very nice!
Al needs his shirts ironed but supposedly, with the steam
setting on the dryer, I won't need to do that. We can only hope.
Well, Adam and Jill got home last night at 11:45.
So this morning after breakfast, I took Sophia home.
We will miss her! She was delightful to take care of!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

LOVE your new washer and dryer. I hope it does the "ironing" for you :) Also, thanks again for not posting that "not so good" photo of me from the other day. Enjoy your weekend. See you on Sunday.

Amanda said...

Looks like you had fun with Sophie! And yes, I love your washer/dryer'll have to let us know how that steam setting does.