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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Yesterday, Allen and I drove to Kansas City. Went to KU Med Center. Allen had spent many hours there during pharmacy school and the visit brought back many memories. We went to visit our friend, Rich Dewey. Rich is a great pianist and is on our worship team at church. He is a great friend and mentor to our son-in-law.

We got there actually before Rich arrived on the ambulance from Newton. When the EMTs wheeled Rich in, I think they were a little surprised to see Al there. They see him almost daily at Newton Med center and they probably wondered what Al was doing there.

Carolyn, Rich's wife arrived, along with Carolyn Bebermeyer and we spent some time together visiting. We left before they began to run tests and they will be doing a biopsy on Rich on Monday. We prayed together and then we left. Hope Rich can come home soon.

As we were in the parking garage, I looked across at the hospital and here was this doctor or resident in the window. He was texting someone. I just thought it was a cool shot.

We went to lunch across from this old McDonalds. I remember there used to be one of these in Wichita close to St. Francis hospital, but they tore it down.

And we saw this place. And no, we did not go there.

One of the reasons we went to KC was that for some time, Al has been looking for a "new" pick-up. He has been shopping on-line and finally found one. We always buy used vehicles. We have never had a car payment. Always pay cash. So, they are usually older with many miles on them. But that works for us.

Al had off yesterday so we drove up to get it. It is a Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Black with tan interior. Just like my black with tan interior Ford Limited 500. Him and Her vehicles! When I told our daughter, Mindy, she just laughed. "You're Twinkies! You have been marriage so long you are molding into one!" I think that is a compliment, right?

His, and Hers is beside it on the other side.

Today, Jill and I decided to go garage saling. Newton was having its first City-Wide garage sale. Jill was looking for a bike so that their family can all go biking together. Hannah has a bike, Adam has a bike and they have one of those things you can pull behind the bike for Sophie to ride in. Well, we found a bike at the very first garage sale. It is a funky purple color with pink lettering. But it didn't bother Jill at all. "They are Hannah colors!" And Hannah is tickled pink that her bike and her mommy's bike match!

The find of the day was when we pulled up to this one house on James Court. Just as we were pulling up, this guy was dragging a slide out of his back yard. Jill had just told me that they could use one as Hannah was out-growing the baby slide they had in their back yard. The guy sold it to us for $25!! We took it back to their house and Papa set it up.

When we got home, we sold our old pick-up (in the picture above) to the original owner, who was wanting to have it back whenever we wanted to sell it! We've had it for 6 years and it has been a great pick-up for us.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Shortly before Marc and I got married, somebody told us that once you've been married for awhile, you start to look like each other. Maybe, instead of looking like each other, the matching cars is how you're supposed to look like each other :) I'm so glad you went up to KC to be with the Dewey's. They're in our prayers in this household :)

PamperingBeki said...

I can't believe I didn't know about the city wide yard sale until today! Ugh. I'm so out of the loop.

My husband's grandpa was a pharmicist from KU and worked at Wesley for years. He just passed away a few years ago. Your pictures made me think of him. :)

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Beki, what was his name? Al worked at Wesley too before we moved to Newton. He did his residency there too. He probably knows him.