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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby frogs

The last couple of mornings the girls have come over to play in our kiddy pool. We have lots of pool toys, but they chose to play with a cat-tail and Folgers can.
At Nana's house, you get snacks!

And apple juice.
Sophia wanted to try my pop.
Hannah, at age 4 still won't drink it.
Says it is "spicy".
Sophie tried it.
Oops. Guess I shouldn't have let her try it.
Now she will always want to have mine.
Adam and Jill don't have pop at their house
except for when they have company.

Hannah discovered baby frogs in our pit.

We ended up capturing 6 baby frogs.

We took 4 of them down to our creek and let them go.

Hopefully they won't end up as breakfast for Willard or Edna.
Willard is a great blue heron and Edna is a great egret
that frequent our creek and pond.
They are named after Willard and Edna Entz from church.
We took 2 of the frogs and placed them
in our flower garden to eat bugs there.

You can't see the frogs.
They hopped off.

Happy lives baby frogs!


Utecht Family said...

Just so you know, Sophia asked for pop today. Thanks a lot! :-)

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Luke will most likely be exposed to way more Pepsi than he needs here at our home (imagine that). So, if someday, you offer Luke some pop, it'll probably be O.K.

AK said...

CUTEST kids ever. and I have baby frogs too!

AK said...
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