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Saturday, June 27, 2009


This morning Adam had worship team practice and Jill was teaching Kindermusik. She took Hannah with her, so Sophia came to my house. We had lots of fun! We played with dollies in our playhouse under the steps, played with blocks, colored, took a walk around the neighborhood and went to the area wide garage sales here.

Then we did one of Sophia's favorite activities - playdough. The reason it is one of her favorites is that she loves to EAT playdough! We always tell her it is yucky but she doesn't agree. She made playdough "ice-cream".
Can't you just see the desire to eat it in her eyes? I finally decided to find another activity and put the playdough away. It was too hard for her. It would be like putting Haagen Dazs in front of me and telling me I can't have it. Torture.
Playdough does not tempt me.
But Japanese food does!
I made some inari-sushi tonight. YUM!

This kind of sushi does not have raw fish with it. I'm not too fond of raw fish. I like dried fish. I love dried squid! When we were growing up in Japan, my brothers loved to eat raw fish and sometimes would poke at the eyeballs with their chopsticks. Probably to gross me out.

On Friday, I found these plates at Target on clearance. $6 for 4 plates! They coordinate with my dishes. Love them!

Children's Ministry Council

I forgot to write about the CMC dinner we had on Wednesday night. Kris Reed, our children's director, treated us and our spouses to a wonderfully delicious meal. After the meal, we played Wii.

Those of us on the council are:

myself - nursery

Becca Adamson - 9:30 pre-school and elementary SS

Becky Khosravipour - 11:00 pre-school and elementary SS

Lori Jordan - Kid's Worship

Elizabeth Biggs - One-to-one

Brian Loewen - Awana

I heard that we are supposed to get a shade for the Fireside room windows. It gets pretty sunny from the west when the sun is setting. We tried to block the sunlight so we could see. When I was trying to "hit" the tennis ball, I couldn't even see "me" on the board! (good excuse for missing the ball totally)
We found out that putting up the bushes made it look pretty realistic that the tennis court was shaded from trees. It worked.
Thank you, Kris (and Mike) for the fun party! We have an incredible team at church! I prayed for a team for several years and am so grateful to the Lord for you all!!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Will you make that sushi for us sometime? That looks good. I'm not fond of raw fish either, so your's looks very appetizing to me :)

Amy said...

My kids have made peanut-butter play-do at their daycare. I don't remember how to do it, but I know that you CAN eat it! Maybe Sophia should try it?!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Sarah, I can add bacon to it to - HAHA!! Just for Marc! And Amy, would love that recipe! Maybe I'll have to google it if you don't have it.