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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Josh sent us a picture of the snow that hit Arkansas this past week. This is their deck. Wow! We got 3".

I will be going soon to see my "babies" (YAY!!!) - but hopefully it will be in the 70's. I am taking a wagon to them and it would be so much fun to pull them around outside! Here are the sweethearts that I will soon see!!!

Mr. Chunky Monkey - Elijah

So take a look at the before and after videos.

And sweet little cook Emeri Kate. Maybe she will make some chocolate chip cookies for us!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Hannah and Sophie were at my house and we went on an "adbenture" (Sophie's word). As we were bicycling down the street, Hannah proclaimed "I have an hypothesis!"

She had this idea that the mud in the street led to some mystery. Well, it led to a field and guess what we found in the field!! Already?? It just snowed this past week and now there are dandelions?? I happened to mention that they were weeds but the children were aghast that I should think that. "They are beautiful yellow flowers, Nana!" Sophie says "booty-full".

Today while Hannah went with Mommy to Kindergarten assessment, Sophia came over. We made M&M cookies...

.....with some raisins on some of them (Sophie's idea - yum!)

"Children's children are a crown to the aged" Proverbs 17:6

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